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Be careful while making UPI payment, otherwise there will be loss, do safe transactions like this

UPI Payment Alert: Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has become a trend in India in the last few years. It is also easy and has proved to be the most suitable online means for cashless transactions. However, as with every good thing, there are some negative reasons behind it, so along with the popularity of UPI, fraud is also increasing in it. In such a situation, we are telling you here what things you should keep in mind while using UPI.

No need to enter PIN while receiving payment – keep in mind
No bank asks you for PIN instead of receiving payment and if you want to get payment from anywhere, then you do not need to enter PIN instead. If this is told to you, then there can be every effort to do fraud behind it. As soon as you enter the PIN, there is every possibility that the money will be deducted from your account. Therefore, if money has to come from somewhere, then there is no need to enter a PIN for it.

Avoid accepting payment requests from unknown numbers
If you get a request to take payment from an unknown number, then first check that it is the one you have to pay. As soon as you enter the number, the receiver’s bank and name appears on your UPI screen, then confirm it whether you want to make payment on it or not.

Decline payment request from Spam ID
Keep spam filters on for security in the UPI app as they can track payment requests that come from spam IDs. If you also get a warning from the UPI application when such requests come, then reject them. Once the payment request is received from the Spam ID, it should be declared immediately.

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