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Be careful! Sim Card Swapping can cause big losses, find out how SIM fraud happens

New Delhi: Technology has brought a lot of benefits to the common man. This allows many tasks to be done easily and simply. But it also has its side effects. This has also increased the incidence of fraud. Which also causes huge losses to the users. Sometimes SIM swapping can cost people millions of rupees. Currently, mobile SIM card swapping scam (SIM swapping) is very popular. SIM card swapping means replacing a mobile SIM card. But, this new method of scam happens without the knowledge of the users. Through this scam, fraudsters issue new SIM cards to the same number with the help of mobile service providers. The bank account and all related information are then received through OTP on the mobile number.

Learn how SIM fraud happens:

Gets a person’s Bank Account Details and registered mobile number through social engineering techniques like Criminal, Phishing, Smiling. Hackers then go to the mobile operator’s retail outlet with fake ID proof to block the original SIM and block the original SIM. After verification, the customer’s SIM is deactivated, after which the fake customer is given a new SIM card. Through fraud phishing, new SIMs are used for transactions in the victim’s account

Be safe from:

If your number becomes inactive and bank accounts are linked to that account, contact your mobile operator immediately. If you do not want to get into any trouble, change your bank account password from time to time. Continue email alerts with normal SMS alerts. In that case, if you unknowingly withdraw money, you will receive an email alert. In addition, you should always check your Bank Account Statement. In case of scam, contact the banker immediately.

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