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Be careful! Instagram is sharing your location with others

With everything posted on the Internet in seconds today, it’s also incredibly easy for people to propagate rumors that go viral before the information is true.

since last one week social media But a story is being told that on iOS Instagram A new app update triggers the exact location on the user’s phone, broadcasting their pin point location to the public.

A viral post claiming that Instaram Shares your location with your followers, is going viral on the internet. It further states that criminals and stalkers are misusing this facility to trace people and enter their homes. However, now CEO Adam Mosseri has reacted to the post going viral. Adam Mosseri denied sharing people’s locations on Instagram in a Twitter post.

Adam Mosseri tweeted

Adam Mosseri shared a source on Twitter, writing, “Just wanted to share this for the sake of clarity. We don’t share your location with other people.” Instagram also shared from its official account that the photo-sharing app uses precise location for things like location tags and Maps features. “People can manage location services through their device settings, and can tag locations on their posts if they want to share that information.”

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story begins here

A few days ago, an Instagram user named myanichol, who claims to be an Instagram expert and business coach, shared a lengthy post about how the app shares users’ location. The user claimed that a recent iOS update will let people find out your exact location from Instagram. It claimed that if you share the location tag on Instagram, it will show your exact location versus the general location. Then it suggested that users turn off Precise Location on your iPhone.

Be careful! Instagram is sharing your location with others

Instagram According to…

They don’t share your “exact location” but simply the location you choose to share and tag in your content, I’m not a data or online security expert, but I guess, like All data online, it is still tracked and can be found + used. I believe “precise locations” should be closed and that awareness of this setting and others that affect online security needs to be talked about more.


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