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Be alert for Android users! Escobar will empty your account if you don’t take proper care, see details

New Delhi: Android Users No virus attack is new. The Internet and digitization have also increased the number of Internet abusers. This keeps Android users alert. Failure to do so could result in huge losses. As such, the security of Android users is once again at stake. A new Trojan malware has recently been spotted, and according to reports, this malware called Escobar can steal your bank information from your phone and even empty your bank account. Escobar Malware can take full control of users’ phones. Not only that, if for any reason this malware gets into your phone, it can also record your phone.

Find out exactly what Escobarl is and how it can access your smartphone. This virus can take photos of you without your knowledge. Escobar targets all apps in users’ phones. Contains information related to the bank. According to reports, Escobar has appeared on a hacking forum in Russia. Where the Aberbot developer is promoting this banking Trojan. Importantly, this malware has also been identified by security companies such as MalwareHunter, McAfee and Cyble.

How does Aberebot / Escobar malware work? Escobar works just like any other banking Trojan. It accesses your phone through a third party source and then monitors your messages on the sites and banking apps you visit for several days. In the meantime it records OTP, PIN etc. The virus collects complete information before taking any action. It is worth noting that Escobar has now reached 18 countries around the world. This malware takes 25 types of permissions from users. This includes information such as audio recording, message, storage, keylock, calling and location. Once the information is collected, the malware stores it on the hackers’ servers. Hackers then gain access to your account. Escobar malware can also do SIM swapping.


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