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Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI new lucky bundle event start check many rewards

A new event has started in Battlegrounds Mobile India. In this, players are getting many items as rewards. Read below to know in detail.

Many events are added from time to time in Battlegrounds Mobile India . In this, players get Dhansu items as a reward. This includes outfits, gun skins, and coupons, etc. 

Lucky Bundle event is currently going on in this popular battle royale game. Under this event, gamers are getting many rewards including Emerald Punk M249. Come let’s know how to get rewards. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India New Lucky Bundle Event

The new Lucky Bundle event has started at BGMI and will go on till July 7. This means that players still have a lot of time to get rewards. Players have to collect Ornament Fragments to get permanent cosmetic items. The list of rewards available in this event is given below. 

These rewards will be available in the event

  • Permanent Emerald Punk M249
  • Emerald Punk M249 (3 days)
  • Emerald Punk M249 (7 days)
  • Supply Crate Coupon
  • Classic Crate Coupon
  • Premium Crate Coupon
  • Fortune Pack
  • Mysterious Spiral DP 28 (3 days)
  • Gladiator Set (3 days)
  • Mysterious Spiral DP 28 (7 days)
  • Gladiator Set (7 days)
  • Outfit Fragments/ Lucky Voucher

Among these the more sought-after items are the Gladiator Set and the Mysterious Spiral DP 28. They can be found by exchanging 20 Outfit Fragments. Once rewards are earned, players can see them in the main lobby and spawn island. Gamers should also note that unused outfit fragments can be carried over to the next event.

How to get reward?

Players will have to spend some money to get the Fortune Pack. Through this you will be able to get UC, crate and fortune box. These fortune boxes can be used for a limited time and for a permanent outfit.

Apart from this, by purchasing the Fortune Pack, players will also get a chance to get an additional Fortune Box every day. Keep in mind that one can only get one Fortune Pack. Every gin event refreshes at 5:30.

The details of the price and rewards of different packs in the event are given below.

Players will have to spend at least Rs 85 in this event. For this amount, they will be able to get 60 UC, 1 Sply Crate Coupon and 1 Fortune Box. At the same time, on spending Rs 190, players will get 120 UC, Classic Crate and 2 Fortune Boxes. The price of Final Fortune Box is Rs 269. It is getting 180UC, 1 premium crate and 3 fortune boxes.

After getting Fortune Box, players can get rewards through them.

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