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Battlegrounds Mobile India available for download in Play Store, but first know these things

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is reportedly available for download on Android devices. Many users have seen the battle royale game listed on the Google Play Store on social media platforms. However, till now the game publisher Krafton has not shared any information regarding its official availability. DigitNews.in could also confirm the game’s availability, but it was only visible on the web (browser) version. However, the game did not appear on several smartphone review units that we had. Late last week, Krafton confirmed that the Indian government has given them permission to relaunch BGMI in the country, after being blocked for nearly 10 months.

According to the claims of some users, it appears that BGMI has become available on the Google Play Store for some devices. However, only Play Store browsers URL Via. The game isn’t natively listed on Google or Apple’s app marketplace and hence, you won’t see it if you search for it directly. Users who have managed to download the game are yet to be able to play it, as the servers are currently offline.

One user liked the game screenshot Sharing information that the server is not operational, it is written, “The server is not yet online. Please refer to the official news for more information about availability.” As for availability, Krafton simply said that the BGMI will be available in the country ‘soon’.

Union Minister of State for Electronics and Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar Said BGMI has been approved by the government for a three-month trial period, during which the game will be monitored to ensure that there are no issues of “user harm” or “addiction”.

Apart from this, information about some changes in the game has also been given. In this, the playing time will be limited, which means that users will be able to play the game for a certain number of hours. Also, the color of the blood will default to green or blue.

BGMI was completely delisted from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in July 2022 under Section 69 of the IT Act. The move, in turn, heavily impacted the Indian e-sports industry, which saw a boom in mobile gaming when PUBG arrived. A few weeks before BGMI was banned, a BGMI tournament was also aired on mainstream television, with a prize pool of Rs 1.5 crore.

Currently, Krafton has not released any official release for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).


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