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Battery of inverter will last for years, will get tremendous backup, this work will be done, see details

New Delhi:Inverter Battery: Many daily tasks can be done with the help of electricity and many important tasks stop if the electricity goes off accidentally. To avoid this, people use inverters in their homes or offices. An inverter contains a battery that is charged by electricity and when the power goes out, this inverter supplies your home and office with electricity for several hours. But, it also appears that the inverter battery drains very quickly, making people have to replace it frequently. If you are also facing this problem, here are three simple tips that you can use to extend the battery life of your inverter.

Keep checking battery water:

Any inverter battery depends on the water it contains. If you want your inverter and battery to last longer, you should keep checking the battery water. Because, less water can damage your inverter battery quickly. Inverter models in the market these days also come with indicators to check the battery level, so you can easily keep an eye on the battery’s water level and top it up as needed. Generally, any inverter battery needs water in 2-3 months. The need for refills depends on your usage.

Inverter Overcharging:

Overcharging any electronic device can be dangerous and harmful to the device and the same is the case with your inverter. If the inverter is fully charged, stop charging it. Today’s newer models come with an auto cut feature, which automatically shuts off the inverter when it is fully charged. But older models don’t get this feature.

Inverter Cleaning:

For the inverter and its battery life, keep the place where the inverter is kept clean. Many a times it is observed that dust in main switch and inverter wires reduces current. Which increases the chance of battery damage. This requires you to connect the inverter and main switch, keep the area and wires clean. While doing all this turn off the main switch carefully.

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