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Battery of e scooter exploded 80 year old man died in Telangana Know reason of explosion and safety tips Know the reason for the explosion and safety tips

In the last few weeks, several incidents of fire in electric scooters were reported. Now another similar case has come from Telangana, where an 80-year-old man sleeping in the room died after the electric scooter’s battery exploded. While four other family members were injured in the accident. Police said that the scooter caught fire during charging and then suddenly exploded. The police have registered an FIR against the company that makes the scooters.

The incident of explosion in the battery of e-scooter took place in Nizamabad district of Telangana on Wednesday. Police said that 80-year-old B Ramaswamy’s son Prakash Ramaswamy, who died in the blast, is a tailor, who was using an electric scooter for the past one year. Nizamabad Assistant Commissioner of Police A Venkateshwarlu said that a case has been registered against the startup and dealer of Hyderabad under section 304A (death by negligence) of IPC.

According to Sub-Inspector Sai Nath, Prakash took out the battery from the scooter and kept it for charging at around 12.30. His father Ramaswamy, mother Kamalamma and son Kalyan were sleeping in the living room. Around 4 in the morning the battery exploded, injuring his father. According to the police, Prakash and his wife Krishnaveni also suffered minor injuries while fighting the flames. Ramaswamy’s condition deteriorated during treatment at the hospital and died on the way to Hyderabad.

Why does e-scooter catch fire?

  • Experts say that all the batteries used in EVs are coming with a plastic cabinet. When it heats up, it melts the plastic and then starts fire.
  • Most of the e-scooters use less heat sinks and the lithium ion batteries used by the scooters emit more heat. So if the heat sink is used more, the battery will be less hot, but it can be a bit heavy.
  • The biggest reason for the fire in the trains during the charging station is due to short circuit.
  • Exposing electric scooters to high temperatures.

know these things

  • Charge the battery in a place in the house where there is open space and do not place the battery on clothes or wood.
  • Do not over-charging the battery, charge only as much as you want to use.
  • Avoid charging if the e-vehicle gets drenched in water. Even after drying and cleaning thoroughly, put it on charging.
  • If you smell the slightest smell while driving, then stop the vehicle immediately and first remove the heat inside by opening the seat.
  • Keep the vehicle insured.

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