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Bank Lokpal: Do you have to wait long in the name of lunch in the bank, then complain here

Banking News Today: When you go to the bank, the bank employee talks to you to pass the time in the name of lunch. Many times you are told that lunch is going on now, you have to come later. Many times they do not come to their seat even after waiting for a long time, and your precious time is wasted. If you have such a problem, then you also want to make such a complaint to the bank, then we are going to tell you the remedy. In this case you do not need to worry.

employee complaints
Now you can complain about these employees who do not allow you to do your work on the pretext of lunch. The customers of the bank get such rights, it is not known about it. We will tell you that you can complain about such employees by going here.

how to complain
You can complain to the Banking Ombudsman. That is, if the bank employees are refusing to do your work, then you can take its complaint directly to the Banking Ombudsman.

can’t all go together
RBI had said in response to an RTI that bank officials cannot go to lunch together. They can take a lunch break one by one. During this, normal transactions should continue. It is against the law to make customers wait for hours.

Branch Head
If the bank employee is not working then you can also complain to the head of the bank. Every bank has its own system for redressal of customer complaints. This is called Grievance Redressal System where customers can lodge complaints.

Bank Helpline
You can also complain about the employee on the helpline number of the bank. You can do this even if your complaint is about the entire branch. Banks issue phone numbers for this. Many banks also provide the service of filing complaints online. You will find this helpline number on the bank’s website.

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