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Bank locker rules changed on new year, know what customers will have to do

Locker New Rule: New year 2023 has already begun. In such a situation, there has been a change in many rules related to the daily life of the people from the bank. In some cases there has been relief while in some the burden of inflation has increased. A similar rule is also related to bank locker. If you use bank locker, then know that RBI has changed the rules of bank locker.

Many banks are sending SMS to alert the customers. In a message sent to customers by Punjab National Bank, it has been said that the new locker agreement is being implemented as per the guidelines of RBI. Along with this, updates are also being taken from the customers regarding non-agreement. Instead of giving this update on SMS or email, you can go to the bank and get a new agreement done.

New locker agreement from 1 January 2023

If you have rented a bank locker or are planning to use a bank locker, then you should be aware of this new rule of bank locker. RBI had issued a guideline regarding this on 8th August itself. According to this, if any item of the customer gets damaged then it will be the responsibility of the banks. Along with this, the customers will have to sign the bank locker agreement by December 31. Along with this, customers will have to be informed about the change in locker rules through SMS and other means.

Bank will have to pay compensation

Under the new rule, if there is any loss, then this responsibility will be directly of the bank and it will have to pay compensation. If the loss is due to the fraud of the bank employee, then 100 times the rent of the locker will have to be paid to the bank. However, if the locker is affected by natural calamity or otherwise, the bank will not be responsible for compensation.

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Nominee will get facility

If due to some reason the person taking the facility of locker dies, then according to the new agreement, the facility of locker will be given to the nominee. If he wants to keep this locker forward, he will have to approach the bank and if he wants to remove it, he will be the claimant.


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