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Bank Locker New Rules: RBI has changed the rules of bank locker, now you will benefit in these circumstances

Bank Locker New Rules: New rules are being made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeping in mind the bank customers. Recently, after the change in the rules of lending by the central bank, now the RBI has changed the rules of bank locker. If you have got a locker opened in any bank or are planning to open it, then this news is of great help to you.

The rules came into effect from January 1, 2022

By issuing a notification, the Reserve Bank has said that the new bank locker rules will be implemented from January 1, 2022. RBI has issued these rules on the complaint of customers taking locker in the bank. Bank customers will get the direct benefit of the implementation of the new rules.

Compensation will have to be given 100 times

Often there were complaints of theft in bank lockers. But now if anything is stolen from the bank locker, the customer will be compensated 100 times the locker rent on behalf of the concerned bank. Till now, banks used to ignore the incident of theft and used to say that they were not responsible for it.

You will get the information of empty locker from the display

RBI also said in its order that banks will have to display the list of empty lockers, the waiting list number for the locker. This is expected to bring more transparency in the locker system. RBI believes that banks cannot keep the customer in the dark. They have the right to get the right information.

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Alerts will be received through e-mail and SMS

Now whenever you access your locker, it will be alerted to you through e-mail and SMS through the bank. This rule has been made by RBI to prevent any kind of fraud.

Bank can take rent for maximum three years

Under the new rules, banks have the right to take locker rent for a maximum period of three years. If the rent of your locker is Rs 2000 then the bank cannot charge you more than Rs 6000 from you except other maintenance charges.

CCTV footage required

Now it is necessary to monitor the people coming and going in the locker room through CCTV. Also, the data of CCTV footage will have to be stored for 180 days. In case of theft or any security lapse, now the police will be able to investigate through CCTV footage.


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