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“Bangs” in the new MacBook were decorated

The latest MacBook Pro received a bang-cut notch, for which it was ridiculed by many. Nevertheless, the Apple tech lovers had to come to terms with the innovation. In addition, the developers offer them ways to diversify the “bangs”.

The Iconfactory has released an app called Notchmeister that lets you add various effects to your cutout. More specifically, the free app offers several effects that you can apply to the area of ​​the screen around the notch, including holiday lights hanging from bangs, a radar pop-up screen, and a glow effect that tracks your mouse pointer.

This can be regarded as a way to have fun and get at least some benefit from the “bangs” of the MacBook.

Analysts hope that the iPhone 14 will no longer have “bangs”, but rumors contradict this.

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