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Bad TV remote? Operate directly on the smartphone using this trick

New Delhi: Once upon a time in India, TV was seen in certain houses. However, now with the advent of TV in every home. The old box TV has been replaced by a smart TV. Smart TV makes it possible to enjoy any movie and series at home. Everyone loves to stay at home and enjoy movies on the big screen of smart TV. Also, the most important thing for a TV is the remote. This allows you to easily operate the TV. Only, Remote When it goes bad, watching TV causes big problems. However, this is not a big problem. You can easily solve this problem.

If the remote is damaged, you can operate the TV directly through the smartphone. You can control your smart Android TV with a smartphone using a simple trick. For this you need the help of Google TV. You can then use the smartphone as a TV remote. Search engine Google has made Remote available in its Google TV app. It used to be known as Google Play Movies and TV. Note that for this your phone needs Android 4.3 and later versions Google TV app Version should be next.

To use a smartphone remotely, first open the Google TV app on your Android phone. At the bottom you will see the option of TV remote, tap on it. Then tap on the Scanning option for devices. After that you want to select the device. Now open Android TV and note the 6 character code. Then put this code on the Google TV app. Also, you don’t have to log in to the Google TV app using a Google Account like Android TV.


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