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AvtoVAZ returned climate comfort options to Lada Niva Legend and Niva Travel

AvtoVAZ confirmed previous rumors and announced the return of two climate comfort options to the Lada Niva Legend and Niva Travel SUVs – air conditioning and heated front seats. Production of such versions started in early October.


The air conditioning system allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in the car in hot weather, and prevents the windows from fogging up during rainy periods. More than 60% of sales of Niva Legend and more than 80% of Niva Travel account for configurations with this popular option.




The classic Niva, called the Lada Niva Legend, is equipped with air conditioning and heated front seats only in Urban, Luxe and [Black] 2022 model year. These options are available for Lada Niva Travel cars in Comfort, [Black] and Comfort Off-road, and also exclusively for the 2022 model year.

Enhanced comfort options are available for both urban and off-road vehicles.



For buyers of cars Lada Niva Legend, Lada Niva Travel and Lada Granta, issued after June 1, 2022, there is a state program of preferential lending, which allows you to purchase a new car with a 20-25% benefit, depending on the region.
The offer is available to families with at least one minor child, doctors and teachers, as well as drivers who are buying a personal car for the first time. In addition, the program also applies to those who trade-in their previous car older than six years, provided that they have owned it for at least a year.
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