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AvtoVAZ proposes to establish a mandatory rate for the use of Russian cars in taxis and spend mother’s capital to buy cars

Head of AvtoVAZ Maxim Sokolov proposed define at the legislative level the mandatory use of Russian cars for taxi companies. He also believes that the purchase of a domestic car for mother capital will help sell vehicles and raise the level of material security for young families.

It seems to us possible to discuss a rule that would provide for a certain level of use by taxis of highly localized Russian-made cars. There is also the question of the possibility of using maternity capital to purchase the first car, again, highly localized, domestic.

Maxim Sokolov

Earlier, the State Duma Committee sent an appeal to the government of the Russian Federation, in which it proposed to buy Russian cars for mother capital as part of the Family Car program.
However, the Ministry of Labor did not approve the idea of ​​allowing spending maternity capital to buy a car. The head of the Ministry of Labor said that buying a car with the funds of mother capital carries significant risks. He noted that the purchase of a car does not solve the problem of observing the rights of children to own this property. In addition, there are risks of abuse of the use of materiel and inefficient use of budgetary funds.
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