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AvtoVAZ abandoned the “robot” VAZ 2182

As it became known, AvtoVAZ does not plan to resume production of AMT VAZ. An automated mechanical transmission (AMT or “robot”), which has the VAZ 2182 index, was first introduced in 2014. First, it was installed on Priora, then other Lada models (Kalina, Granta, Vesta and XRAY).

They began to exclude the “robot” from the Lada model line back in 2019. First, it was removed from the Lada Vesta family, a year later it was no longer installed on XRAY and Granta, leaving AMT only on the Cross version of Granta. After the introduction of sanctions, AvtoVAZ resumed production of Lada cars. The first model Lada Granta began to roll off the assembly line with only a manual transmission. Complete sets of Lada cars with AMT are not worth waiting for. This information was confirmed by the press service of AvtoVAZ.

The automated transmission was created in cooperation with partners from Germany. The box itself is VAZ, and the electromechanical actuator is used from the German company ZF. The plant could not resume the supply of this actuator, or recognized the experiment with AMT as unsuccessful. According to statistics, the sale of cars with AMT accounted for only about 10%.

It was a “robot” with an electric drive of a single clutch disc. Such models were popular with European or Japanese manufacturers ten years ago. At the moment, almost all the leading automotive concerns in the world have long abandoned them in favor of an even more modern transmission: preselective robots with two clutches. The main advantage of this transmission was its cheapness.

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