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Avtotor will release new car models this year

The Kaliningrad Avtotor plant announced the start of work on reconfiguring the conveyor and preparing to launch the production of new brands of cars. The release of several new models will begin this year.

As part of the reconfiguration of the conveyor, the plant plans to reconfigure robotic and electronic equipment, manipulators and test benches for electronic systems. The equipment of individual sections of assembly lines will also be replaced, including the section for assembling power units.

At the end of September, Avtotor completed the production of Hyundai and Kia cars, which were recently produced from components left in warehouses. Previously, BMW was also assembled in Kaliningrad, but their production was suspended in early March due to the geopolitical situation and problems with logistics.

In 2023, Avtotor plans to open and put into operation seven new plants for the production of electric vehicles and auto components. It is planned to produce electric cars, robotic vehicles and various types of auto components at the new sites, including electric motors, traction batteries, inverters, subframes, wire harnesses, plastic products, plastic components, as well as ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, the production of bumpers, seats, exhaust systems, driver assistance systems and other automotive parts will appear.

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