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Avoid ‘these’ mistakes when charging the smartphone, otherwise the battery will be bad

New Delhi: Today Smartphone It can be seen in the hands of every person. Smartphones also need special care. We also keep the phone safe through the back cover from the screen guard. However, the handset is not so careful about charging. Often charging the phone with any charger while out. This can damage the phone. If you don’t take care while charging the phone, it will affect not only the charger but also the phone. Charging the phone with a fake charger damages the battery and after a few days the phone stops charging fast. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while charging the phone. The following tips will be useful for this.

Cheap Charger Expensive to use

We often buy cheap chargers from the market after the charger that came with the phone broke down. Since the price of the original charger is high, we bring a fake charger available in the market at a low price. However, saving money can cost you dearly. Fake cables can damage the charger. This fake cable does not support fast charging. It also affects charging.

Avoid using other people’s chargers

The biggest mistake we make when charging a phone is to use someone else’s charger. At home we use the original charger that came with the phone. However, when we are in the office or in other places, we charge the phone to others by asking for a charger. This can damage your phone. Each phone has its own software, separate battery. Also, charging is also different. Damaging the phone using a charger of another model can damage the charging port. Also, charging speed and battery capacity are affected.

Use the original charger

Use the original charger that came with the phone at any time to charge the phone. This will allow the phone to charge faster, as well as the battery, charging port and charger. Even if the original charger that came with the phone is damaged, you should buy the original charger by spending a little more money. You can easily find these chargers on the company’s website and e-commerce sites. This will not harm your phone in any way. So avoid using a fake charger if you don’t want the phone to be damaged.

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