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Avoid these 6 things while using WhatsApp, otherwise your account will be banned forever

New Delhi:WhatsApp Account: You also love to be social. But, be careful if you ever inadvertently send messages like good morning to all your contacts. Because, even if your intentions are good, many people get offended and the situation can become embarrassing for you. Doing so, you can even risk getting your account banned. Your account may be banned if it involves activity that violates the company’s terms and conditions. If you want to avoid this, pay attention to these things.

Think twice before forwarding a message:

If you are forwarding a message to someone, you should think. If you are unsure of the information contained in the message, you should not forward the message. A message whose source is unknown can be dangerous for you and your account may be banned.

Avoid Automatic and Bulk Messages:

Do not bulk messages, auto-message or auto-dial using WhatsApp. The App uses both machine learning techniques and user reports to determine whether to ban an account. If you are found guilty your account will be banned.

Avoid using broadcast lists:

Messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received if the other person has your number saved. Users can complain about broadcast messages. WhatsApp will ban accounts that have been reported multiple times.

Get permission:

If you add someone to a group without their permission, you may be banned from the app. Do not add anyone to the group without permission.

Talk to saved contacts only:

Send messages only to people whose numbers you have saved. If you send a message to anyone without your knowledge, you may be reported and your account may be banned.

Don’t Violate WhatsApp Terms and Conditions:

If you violate the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, you may face damages. If you are accused of engaging in illegal, defamatory, threatening, harassing behavior, it will be considered a violation of company rules and your account will be banned.

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