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Available for only Rs 498, this special mixer bottle will make juice in minutes; See details

New Delhi: What to do for breakfast when going to school-college or office in the morning? Everyone has this question. Many people make many dishes, including Pohe, Upma, if they have time. So some people make juice that will last in just a few seconds as it is already too late. However, there is a special mixer in the house to make juice or smoothie. In addition, if you are doing gym, drinking fruit juice is also beneficial. In this case you can make fresh juice in minutes with this mixer. There are many mixers available in the market, with which you can easily make juice or smoothie in minutes.

We are going to tell you about one such portable mixer bottle, with which you can make juice in minutes. What is special is that the price is also very low. You can buy this portable mixer at a regular bottle price. This portable mixer bottle will also take away your breakfast problem. This bottle is battery operated. It has a motor with which you can easily make juice. This portable mixer is also very easy to use. You can do the whole process with just one button.

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You can buy this Electric Portable Automatic Stirring Blender from e-commerce site Flipkart. The base price of this mixer bottle is Rs 1,299. However, it is getting 61% bumper discount. This after the discount Portable mixer bottle It will be yours for only 498 rupees. This portable bottle is powered by a 9000 rpm motor that produces fruit juice in minutes. You can also charge the battery. This allows you to take the bottle anywhere and make the juice. The company also offers a 1-year replacement warranty. This portable mixer bottle will come in handy if you are exercising regularly.



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