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Auto Sale In January: Automobile sales increased by more than 15 percent in January, FADA released figures

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Vehicle sales are continuously increasing across the country. Along with passenger vehicles, growth is being recorded in all segments including two-wheelers and commercial vehicles. According to FADA, how many vehicles have been sold during January 2024? We are giving you this information in this news.

how much was sold

According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, an increase of about seven percent has been recorded in the total vehicle sales in the month of January on month on month basis. There has also been an increase of about 15 percent on year on year basis. According to the report released by FADA, a total of 2127653 units of vehicles were sold in the month of January. This includes passenger vehicles, three-wheelers, two-wheelers. There has been an increase in sales on year on year basis. According to the data, a total of 1849691 units were sold across the country during January 2023.

How much sales were made in which segment?

According to FADA report, 393250 units were sold in the passenger vehicle segment during January 2024. Whereas during January 2023 this number was 347086. Whereas in December 2023 this number was 293005 units. In the two-wheeler segment, total sales of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds during January 2024 stood at 1458849 units. Whereas the total contribution of sales of three-wheelers was 97675 units. In January 2024, 88671 units of tractors and 89208 units of commercial vehicles were sold.

how were the sales

According to the information given by FADA, there was a growth of about 34.21 percent on monthly basis in the passenger vehicle segment during January 2024. Whereas on year on year basis, a growth of 13.30 percent was recorded. There was a growth of about 0.63 percent in the sales of two wheelers on a monthly basis, while on a year on year basis, a growth of 14.96 percent was seen in the last month as compared to last year. A growth of 36.94 percent was recorded on year on year basis in the sales of three-wheelers and about 0.11 percent growth was recorded in the commercial vehicles segment.

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