Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Australia to start testing smart traffic control system

One of the busiest roads on Nicholson Street in Carlton will be equipped with a smart traffic management system to prevent congestion. The technology is being developed by the University of Melbourne, Austrian technology firm Kapsch TrafficCom and the Victorian Department of Transport.

Intelligent Corridor is a small-scale deployment of the world’s first AI-enhanced traffic optimization system that can ultimately scale to manage city-wide traffic

The smart system will use sensors from AIMES (Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem), cloud AI, machine learning algorithms, predictive models and real-time data collection to prevent congestion and ensure overall safety for all road users. Its installation will take place over the next three years.

“The Smart Corridor will become a model for cities around the world to reduce costs associated with urban congestion. According to the Australian Infrastructure Audit Report 2019, heavy traffic congestion costs the Australian economy $16.5 billion a year due to major transport delays,” said Professor Majid Sarvi, Director of AIMES and Professor of Transport Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

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