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Audi showed super-comfortable gigantic-sized car

Audi introduced the Urbansphere concept electric car, which is hard to imagine freely driving around the streets of a modern metropolis. It’s all about its dimensions, because it is even larger than the notorious Cadillac Escalade.

The Urbansphere concept was developed by studios in Ingolstadt and Beijing, taking into account the wishes of local motorists. The capacity of the traction battery was 120 kWh, the electrical system operates at a voltage of 800 volts, and the battery supports power up to 270 kW, charging from 5% to 80% in 25 minutes. Claimed mileage on a single charge is 750 km. Two electric motors give out a total of 400 hp. with. and 690 Nm.

The Urbansphere has the most spacious interior of any Audi vehicle. This is a merit of the impressive size of the car itself. Its length is 5510 mm, width is 2010 mm, height is 1780 mm, and the wheelbase is 3400 mm.

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An autopilot of the fourth level of autonomy with the use of artificial intelligence technologies has been announced, which allows the car to drive without the participation of a driver. The steering wheel, along with the instruments, retracts inside the front panel, which provides a lot of free space. Instead of the usual screens – a projection on the surface of the front panel and windshield.

For passengers in the rear seat, there are individual screens of the media system, as well as a panoramic OLED display mounted in the ceiling. Vehicle functions are controlled by voice or gestures. The audio speakers are built into the headrests. In addition, there are augmented reality glasses.

The automaker does not specify when something like this will appear in production cars.


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