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Attention These Android Apps Can Hack Your Bank Account

Around five billion people worldwide use smartphones. With high-speed internet, these devices have made it easier for the people but they also have access to a lot of information of the users. There is also the risk of getting scammed. The increasing reliance on apps has increased this threat.

Netherlands computer support firm Threat Fabric has developed a Report I have given information about some apps which can become a big threat to the users. Researchers have identified a new Trojan that is being delivered to Android devices. It can steal users’ login details, account numbers and other financial information. Threat Fabric recommends removing five Android apps from devices immediately. These apps are File Manager Small, Lite, My Finances Tracker, Zetter, Codice Fiscale and Images & Videos.

The report states, “This method of distributing Android Banking Trojans is very dangerous as victims come to know about it late and are unable to alert their bank to suspicious transactions without their knowledge. Because of this, early detection of such apps is important.” The distribution of this Trojan has increased in countries like America, Britain, Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy.

Internet search engine Google in India has been asked by the central government to implement strict rules to stop the use of illegal lending apps. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have asked Google to ban these apps. Instructions Have given. The RBI had recently asked lenders to make stricter rules for digital lending services after cases of fraud in the digital lending segment increased. Its purpose was to protect the borrowers from forgery. Google has changed its store developer program policy for financial services apps. This includes additional terms and conditions for personal loan apps. In a bid to crack down on illegal digital lending platforms, the government and RBI have asked Google to increase scrutiny and ensure that only regulator-approved loan apps are available for download on the Google Play Store. Along with this, Google has also been asked to reduce the distribution of these apps through websites and other means of download.

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