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Attention These 400 apps are stealing your Facebook login information, delete it from the phone immediately


Meta has warned users while releasing a list of 400 apps.
Malicious apps give fake ‘Login with Facebook’ prompts to extract user IDs, passwords.
Meta says that users should only download the app from the official app store.

Facebook company owned by Meta Identified 400 Android and iOS apps that are stealing Facebook user login details. The company has released a list of all the apps to warn the users. Many of the given apps are from third-party stores. Many of these apps claim to provide service like photo editing tool, VPN service. Some of these apps are also games, which ask users to enter their personal details.

Meta says that most of the detected malicious apps send fake ‘Login with Facebook’ prompts to extract user IDs and passwords.

If login information is stolen, attackers could potentially gain full access to a user’s account and private messages with family, friends and co-workers.

Meta has also reported that attackers who create these apps publish fake reviews to deceive people. The company says, ‘It also hides negative reviews from people who have seen the apps in bad or malicious form.

iOS Apps….

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These things are important to protect
Apart from this, to know about the rest of the Android and iOS apps on the list this link can click on.

Meta says that users should only download the app from the official app store and check the publisher before downloading a new app. Additionally, if your Facebook ID is compromised, Meta recommends that users reset their password. Apart from this, activate Two-Factor Authentication as well.

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