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Attention Scam running on WhatsApp, being given in the name of free visa and job

New Delhi. WhatsApp users on both these instant messaging platforms are getting messages offering free visas and jobs in the UK. These messages are allegedly fake. Scammers are sending it to access bank details and other sensitive information of users. It is being claimed in the message that these messages are being sent to the UK government. In this phishing scam running on WhatsApp, people who want to work in UK are being targeted.

The message states that the UK needs more than 1 lakh workers in 2022, so the government is organizing a job fest. The WhatsApp message urged people to apply for 1,86,000 vacancies.

People looking for jobs at Target
According to a report by Malwarebytes, many users have complained of receiving fake messages from the UK government. Cybercriminals disguised as government officials are targeting users who are willing to go to the UK for jobs. These fake messages claim that the UK government is running a recruitment drive to fill over 186,000 vacancies.

The lure of free visas and other benefits
According to the report, scammers are also luring them with free visas and other benefits with this message. A link is also present with this fraud message, clicking on which users reach a fake domain. This website has been given a look like UK Visa and Immigration website. Here people are asked to give some information.

Do not click on message
Please tell that such messages are made to extract personal and sensitive information of users. When users are taken to the fake website, they start filling in details like their name, email address, phone number, marital status and employment status. The website makes users falsely believe that they will be provided with free UK visas, accommodation etc., which is completely wrong. Therefore, whenever you get such messages, do not click on it.

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