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Attention Samsung smartphone users, these tips will keep your device safe from Over Heating

New Delhi: Smartphone Heating: Due to overheating of the smartphone, it has often been seen that the phone explodes. As for Samsung devices, whether you’re using the company’s phone or tablet, smartwatch or earbuds, every Galaxy device has a temperature limit. But if your phone still heats up, you need to take special care of some things.

Save Samsung mobile from overheating in this way:

If the phone is used in normal operating conditions, the phone will not overheat. Placing your device near Heat Source is not advised. For example, keeping the phone in a car, in direct sunlight or near gas is not recommended. Avoid doing this. It is not advisable to run multiple apps simultaneously for a long time. The phone also needs to be given time. If you use a non-compatible, non-Samsung verified charger or cable, the phone may overheat. Avoid doing this.

You will see warning messages if the phone is generating heat. In this case, access to some features is blocked to keep your phone safe. If you see such warning messages, put the phone aside for some time.

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What to do if a Galaxy device is generating heat? Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth functions when not in use. Also reduce the brightness of the device.

Device Care :

Optimize the phone using the Device Care feature. Go to settings. Then go to Battery and Device Care. After that now tap on Optimize. Then click on Done.

Close apps running in the background.

For this you need to go to Battery and Device Care. Then go to Battery and select Power Saving. After that tap on Limit background usage and turn on to sleep unused apps.


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