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Attention online orderers! Otherwise you will also get dog food instead of Macbook and will have to wash your hands with refund

new Delhi. In today’s era everyone orders online from e-commerce platform. But do you know that ordering things online can be harmful for you. Yes, when a person from UK ordered Macbook from Amazon. But when the order arrived, he was in for a shock as instead of a Macbook, the box contained 5 pounds of dog food. Due to which he got a big shock.

Such cases have happened before
However, let us tell you that this is not the first time when another product has been delivered instead of an Apple product. If we talk about India, some time ago a person ordered an iPhone from Flipkart, instead of which a bar of soap came out. However, later he was given a refund from Flipkart.

The incident is of 29 November

According to Yahoo’s news, Alan Wood ordered a Macbook worth 1,200 pounds from Amazon for his daughter on November 29 in the UK, about Rs 1,20,000. To his surprise, however, he was delivered 5 pounds of dog food.

no refund received
He told that initially there was an attempt to resolve the matter. For this he talked to Amazon Customer Service Center. But got a reply from Amazon that they cannot help them in this matter.

What to do
Those who order online products should always keep in mind that after receiving the product, a video should be made while opening it. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to prove proof in the court. In such a situation, you may find it difficult to get a refund.

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note However, at present no answer has been received about what Amazon has to say in this whole matter. Please tell that the matter is of another country. That’s why we’re having a hard time contacting Amazon. In such a situation, the side of Amazon could not be known. But earlier in another case, Amazon had said that usually such reported cases are found to be wrong in the investigation.



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