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Attention Mobile-Laptop Users! Government of India issued alert, update your search browser immediately

New Delhi. Cyber ​​Alert CERT-IN: An alert has been issued for mobile and laptop users by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) of the Government of India. This alert is especially for users who use Mozilla Firefox browser. Actually, the Indian government has found many flaws in Mojia Firefox browser, which can make mobile and laptop users at risk. Meaning hackers can carry out banking or other fraud with this.

Government issued alert
The government says that some flaws have been found in Firefox, which can become the reason for hacking. According to the CERT-In advisory, Mozilla Firefox users should immediately update their browser version 105 and Mozilla Firefox ESR to version 102.3. Have been asked to update. The CERT-In agency is the National Cyber ​​Agency, which works under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It is a nodal agency that deals with threats of cyber attacks.

What is the meaning of such advisory?
From time to time, the government keeps warning users about the possible dangers of cyber attacks, so that users can be saved from hacking or banking fraud. The government works to protect the device from targeted attacks. Recently this agency has detected a memory safety bug in Mozilla Firefox, which is capable of bypassing security restrictions.

Which software will be affected
CERT-In believes that Mozilla Firefox users should use a browser with the latest version 105. Also Mozilla Firefox ESR version should be updated to 102.3. If the device is working on the old version of firefox. Simply put, users of Mozilla Firefox browser should use the latest version browser only. This browser completely meets the security guidelines.

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