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Ather electric scooter gets new ride mode, features will be included with latest update

Electric scooters are quiet, save on petrol and also contribute to a cleaner environment. One of the many advantages of electric scooters is that the performance and overall experience can be improved through OTA updates. New features may be introduced from time to time. There is no need to go to the service center for this, it gets done in few minutes.

In a latest update, electric scooter maker Ather has introduced a new SmartEco ride mode, which has been designed to dynamically adjust range and performance. For SmartEco ride mode, Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus users will need to download the latest version of Atherstack software. To be eligible to receive this update, users have to activate the Ather Labs option in the Ather app.

Ather Labs provides quick access to new features and solicits feedback from users. Even before this, many new features like Trip Planner and Savings Tracker were provided through Ather Labs. The latest SmartEco ride mode will be available to users who use the Ather Connect Pro subscription plan. If all this is done, then users will have to select the ‘Update Now’ option through the settings on the touchscreen display panel of the scooter. The battery must be at least 40 percent charged for the update to take place. The update takes about 5 minutes. Then after that users can choose SmartEco mode through Settings. Once selected, the existing Eco Mode gets replaced with SmartEco on the screen. Users can get back the standard Eco mode whenever they want.

Benefits of Ather SmartEco Ride Mode

The SmartEco Ride Mode has come to bridge the gap between Eco and High Speed ​​Ride Mode. In normal systems, Eco mode maximizes the limit. However, this limits the options available to the users. For example, if users need to overtake, they will have to switch to a different mode.

SmartEco works differently, as it can understand the right needs in a given time frame. It depends on factors like riding style of the users, total weight and area on the scooter etc. Based on these factors, SmartEco makes dynamic adjustments for acceleration. It also tracks power consumption, allowing the scooter to run at its original range.

A power bar is visible on the dashboard in SmartEco mode. When the power bar is blue, it indicates that the required power is present. Users can accelerate according to their need. When the power bar turns red it means low power is present. At this time users should not accelerate or fast. If they want to do so, they can switch to ride mode. Users will also have to check whether their Ather app is updated to the latest version.

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