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Atal used to drive with Ambassador, how much was the price of this car at that time

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Ambassador car was given 5 manual gears, which gave a mileage of 10Kmpl.Image Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

Happy Birthday Atal: If former Prime Minister of the country Atal Bihari Vajpayee were among us today, he would have been 99 years old. On this day, 25 December 1924, this great leader was born in Gwalior. According to the affidavit given by Atal Bihari, who became Prime Minister three times, while contesting elections from Lucknow in 2004, he had an Ambassador car.

Even when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, he used to drive in the Ambassador car, there is another record in his name which shows that he was the last Prime Minister of the country to drive in this car. Here we are telling you the story of Ambassador car coming to India and its disappearance from the trade.

Ambassador car came to India 65 years ago

65 years ago, in 1958, the Ambassador car was introduced in India, at that time this car was so popular that everyone from the Prime Minister to the common man wanted to buy it. Ambassador car had become a special favorite of the people due to its look and design. After providing its service for years, Hindustan Motors finally stopped the production of this car in 2014, but despite this, people who still have the Ambassador car keep it with them.

What was the price of Ambassador car?

The Ambassador car manufactured in Kolkata used to come with petrol and diesel engines. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had the Encore model of Ambassador car, whose ex-showroom price was Rs 4 lakh 80 thousand. This 5 seater car was given a 1817cc 4 cylinder OHC petrol engine.

This Ambassador car was given 5 manual gears, which gave a mileage of 10 Kmpl and it was given a fuel tank of 54 liters. The Ambassador car came in Crystal White, Lunar Silver, Ecru Beige, Fire Brick Red, Oyster Blue and Jet Black color variants. Let us tell you that later Hindustan Motors had also introduced the CNG variant of the Ambassador car, but due to people being disappointed with maintaining distance, the production of this car was completely stopped in 2014.

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