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At what age do children develop a sense of humor?

The study involved the parents of 671 children aged 0 to 47 months. Parents completed a survey to assess their children’s sense of humor.

The study showed that the earliest age at which children began to understand humor was one month. Nevertheless, almost half of the children were able to achieve this only by two months, and the other half – by 11 months.

Also, scientists have identified the types of humor that children of different ages like. For example, toddlers under one year of age were more attracted to physical, visual, and auditory forms of humor. These are, in particular, games of hide and seek and exposing, tickling, funny facial expressions, funny sounds, etc. One-year-old children reacted to teasing, taboo topics (for example, related to the toilet), imitative behavior. But two-year-old children already understood the game with concepts and meaningless words. They liked ridicule of others and aggressive humor. As for the three-year-old children, they liked the pronunciation of obscene words for the sake of laughter. They could also partly understand puns.

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