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At first sight it will blow your mind, later you will understand that this is 8-seater Maruti 800

UAE’s great politician Hamdan bin Zaid bin Sultan Al Nahyan is famous all over the world for his luxurious luxury car collection and he also has a car in his collection that will blow your mind at first sight. This is an 8-seater Maruti 800.

New Delhi : Every day new customized vehicles are seen on the internet all over the world and the most unique of them get caught in the eyes of the people. The perfect example of this has come to the fore recently, in which Suzuki Mehran or to say, Maruti 800 has merged two units into one. At first glance, seeing this car makes one’s head stunned to see if something is wrong, then on a careful look it is understood that here two Maruti 800s have been made into one car. Let us tell you that this Maruti 800 belongs to Hamdan bin Zaid bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is a UAE politician and his car collection is famous all over the world.

8 seater made car

It is usually seen that two cars are merged from front to back into one which is quite easily done, but this custom work is quite complicated in which both the cars are attached side by side. However, despite making it an 8-seater, the wheels have been kept only 4, which will put more weight on it, then there is a risk of chassis bend. Another interesting thing here is that the steering wheel of the car is on the left hand side and when the two cars are joined, its width has increased from 1,405 mm to about 3 meters.

Till customization is fine, but this car can be driven only on wide roads, apart from this, if this car is running on wide road also, then overtaking it will be a very troublesome task for other vehicles. This car is so wide that even standard buses and trucks are less wide than this. It is possible that this car should be given a special permit in which this car can be driven on private property. It can also be allowed to be used in any program or road show like it is given in India and many other countries.

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