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At a speed of 28 thousand kilometers per hour, 3 big rocks up to 63 feet are coming towards the earth today! Will the earth shake?

Asteroids moving in space have become the subject of most interest in celestial bodies these days, because these days large rocks in the form of asteroids are passing through the Earth at a speed of millions of kilometers. In such a situation, it becomes very important to keep an eye on these asteroids. Because according to NASA, the American agency for exploration and research in space, asteroids can become a major threat to the Earth. If an asteroid collides with the earth, it can cause huge damage. NASA has issued an alert today i.e. on May 17, not 1 or 2, but 3 asteroids coming close to the earth. Is 3 asteroids coming close to the earth in a day a sign of any major danger? Let’s know about them.

space In Sun Asteroids orbiting the Sun are constantly coming towards the Earth and passing close to it. Today, NASA has issued an alert of 3 big asteroids coming near the earth. NASA’s tracking asteroid in space Jet Propulsion Laboratory Information about these three asteroids has been given by According to JPL, today an asteroid named 2023 JS1 is coming towards the Earth. It is 39 feet long which is the size of a bus. Its speed has been said to be more than 28 thousand kilometers per hour. When it will reach closest to the earth, its distance from the earth will be 2,170,000 km.

JPL today another asteroid An alert has been issued for 2023 JT2 approaching the Earth. It is a 30 feet asteroid which is as big as a bus. It is going to pass close to the earth at a distance of 2,650,000 km. Not only this, a third asteroid is also going to come close to the Earth today. Its name is 2023 JC3. This is a 63 feet asteroid. All these three asteroids are coming closer to the earth today. So is there going to be a big catastrophe on earth today? However, no warning has been issued by NASA regarding collision of these three asteroids. But it is said that danger does not come by telling. Asteroids larger than 150 feet can bring great devastation to the earth.

The space agency NASA continuously tracks asteroids. These days, there have been many incidents of asteroids continuously coming towards the earth and this process is still going on. Pieces of rocks moving in space can turn towards a big planet at any time. Meteorites also become a big threat at times. In Russia, in 2013, a meteorite called Chelyabinsk exploded in the sky, which damaged 7,000 buildings. More than 1400 people were injured in this. This meteorite was 59 feet in size. Similarly, if an asteroid also gets attracted towards the earth, then it can bring many times more destruction than this.


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