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Asus Develops DDR4 DDR4 Adapter

The shortage of DDR5 modules and high prices for them, perhaps, will make the product developed by Asus in demand. We are talking about an adapter that allows you to install DDR4 memory modules in the slots for DDR5 modules. In other words, it will give DDR5 motherboard owners to use with DDR4 modules.

Asus Develops DDR4 DDR4 Adapter

While the adapter looks bulky, but development is still ongoing, so the serial product may have a radically different look. If, of course, the development even reaches the stage of commercialization.

The adapter is a rather complex product, which is explained by the differences between DDR5 and DDR4 modules. In particular, the latter do not have built-in power controllers. On top of that, lengthening the lines that carry signals can lead to instability. Another limitation is the need to install a special version of UEFI that allows the use of DDR4 memory.

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