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Astronauts can’t masturbate in space, NASA engineer explains the reason

Who can understand the world of space better than astronauts? Whenever astronauts fly for a big project, a curiosity arises in the minds of people about how astronauts must have lived in space. What would you eat and drink? What would you do in free time? Many more such thoughts come to mind. You will be surprised to know that astronauts are warned not to masturbate in space. By doing this, not one, but three female astronauts can become pregnant. This has been revealed in an American chat show.

Daily Star Key Report As per reports, the chat was hosted by Conan O’Brien on the show. During the recording, Conan asked a NASA engineer if he had ever sent porn to the International Space Station (ISS). Engineer Smyth replied – No, never. The host further asked, does porn work in zero gravity? You can understand where the host was pointing.

Smyth responded by saying that three female astronauts could get pregnant in one session because of a man, as he finds his way out.

The US space agency NASA is preparing to see how sex can work in space, in view of its upcoming Moon and Mars missions, the report said. Academics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, say such research is “essential for the success of deep space missions and the construction of human settlements in space.”

There is no official data or information about astronauts having sex during space missions. However, some claims have said that sex took place in space. It is said that NASA is also running a secret mission, in which it is investigated that in which position sex can be done in space. However, there is no official information available on this.

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