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Asteroid twice as big as the Taj Mahal came closer to the earth, know how big the ‘danger’ is

Asteroids are passing close to the Earth one after the other. At the time you are reading this news, another rocky ‘catastrophe’ ‘Asteroid 2008 RW’ will be passing close to our Earth. Asteroids have always aroused curiosity among scientists. They are monitored until they go too far from the earth. This is because they are likely to collide with the Earth. Similar is the case with ‘Asteroid 2008 RW’.

of astronomers Warning It was believed that this asteroid of twice the size of the Taj Mahal will pass very close to the Earth. If it enters the Earth’s orbit, then it is likely to hit the Earth. Although something like this is expected to happen, and astronomers have such a warning process, after which an asteroid is placed in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’.

Talk about its distance from Earth, then when this asteroid will be closest to our planet, even then there will be a distance of 67 lakh kilometers between it and Earth. However, as a precaution, the US space agency NASA has placed this asteroid in the category of potentially dangerous. As the name of ‘Asteroid 2008 RW’ suggests, it was discovered in the year 2008. This asteroid takes 1023 days to revolve around the Sun and comes close to the Earth once in three to four years. However, this asteroid is moving at a speed of 10 kilometers per second.

According to NASA, they are also called minor planets. Just as all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, so also the asteroids revolve around the Sun. Asteroids are the rocky remnants left over from the early formation of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists have so far detected 11 lakh 13 thousand 527 asteroids.

When an asteroid is discovered, it is named by the International Astronomical Union Committee. The name can be anything, but a number is also added to it like – (99942) Apophis. Asteroids are also named after artists, scientists, historical characters.

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