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Asteroid coming close to the earth at the speed of a missile, will be face to face today!

Asteroids are coming closer to the Earth one after the other. The nature of some of these can be dangerous for our planet. The American space agency NASA has issued an alert about one such asteroid. This aircraft-sized asteroid can come very close to our planet. Its name is ‘Asteroid 2022 VM2’ (Asteroid 2022 VM2). It has been included in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’, which means that it will come very close to our Earth.

reports According to, today i.e. on 18 November this asteroid Will come close to the earth. Then the distance between the two will remain 31 lakh kilometers. The size of the asteroid is 76 feet and it is traveling at a speed of 13345 kilometers per hour. You can also understand it in such a way that the asteroid is coming closer to us at the speed of a missile.

Such asteroids, which enter our planet up to 80 lakh kilometers, are kept in the category of potentially dangerous. Asteroid 2022 VM2 is also included in this category, as it will pass our planet from a close distance of 31 lakh kilometers. Scientists believe that there will be no harm to the planet due to this asteroid, but it will continue to be monitored until it goes far away from the Earth.

This asteroid belongs to the ‘Apollo group’. Interestingly, it has been discovered only last month. Asteroid 2022 VM2 takes 552 days to complete one orbit around the Sun. During this, the maximum distance between it and the Sun is 244 million kilometers and the closest distance is 150 million kilometers. NASA tracks asteroids with the help of all its telescopes.

Recently it has also successfully tested the DART mission. This test can save the earth from possible attack of asteroids in future. Asteroids are also called minor planets. Just as all the planets of our solar system revolve around the Sun, similarly the asteroids also revolve around the Sun. Scientists have so far detected 11 lakh 13 thousand 527 asteroids.

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