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Asteroid 400 feet wide passed close to the earth, tomorrow another ‘dangerous’ rock is coming closer

In a report yesterday, we told you that the Earth is going to face two asteroids one after the other. The US space agency NASA has placed both asteroids in the category of potentially dangerous, that is, they can become a threat to the Earth in the future. One of these asteroids, which is about 400 feet wide, was about to pass close to the Earth today. The good thing is that this building size asteroid went ahead without causing any damage to the earth. However, the relief does not end here. Another asteroid will pass close to Earth tomorrow. Its size is said to be about 600 feet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has named these asteroids 2016 CZ31 and 2013 CU83. according to informationOf these, 2016 CZ31 passed close to Earth today. Even when it passed closest to the Earth, there was a distance of 2.8 million kilometers between the two. The second asteroid, named ‘2013 CU83’, will come closest to Earth tomorrow i.e. on July 30. However, when it will be closest to the Earth, there will still be a distance of 69 lakh kilometers between the two. So we should assume that there is nothing to worry about.

According to the information received from NASA, the asteroid that passed close to the Earth today will not come so close until the year 2028. Earlier in the year 2015 also it passed near the earth. NASA has included it in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’. This means that in the future this asteroid may collide with the Earth. NASA is monitoring both asteroids, so that the Earth can be saved from their potential danger. Asteroids can change their direction and speed at any moment, so they need to be monitored till the end.

If you want to see the celestial event happening tomorrow, then you can see the asteroid with the help of a powerful telescope. Asteroid named 2013 CU83 will be closest to Earth tomorrow. Its size is also similar to that of a multistory building.

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