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Are you going to travel abroad? Which to choose between SIM card, e-SIM and international plan?


With the help of e-SIM, users can use the phone abroad at a low rate.
Due to the advancement of technology, the problem of communication during foreign travel has reduced.
Choosing an e-SIM can prove to be a good option while traveling abroad.

New Delhi: Foreign travellers are often confused whether their mobile phone will have outside network or not, which plan to recharge or which option to use. There are many such questions which come in the mind of most of the travelers. But, they don’t have any concrete answer. In such a situation, communication with your loved ones can be broken and problems may have to be faced. Let us know who will have to choose between SIM card, eSIM and international plan for traveling abroad.

1. Many people who go on a foreign trip buy a new sim i.e. local sim. Local SIMs are easily available at airports and phone stores. Those SIMs already have credit for calls, messages and internet. Buying a new SIM is a bit expensive because the company knows that the customer needs SIM more now.

2. E-SIM is the virtual SIM installed in the mobile phone. This is a new technology. It is completely different from the normal sim. There is no need to put it in mobile. E-SIM is a good option if you are going to travel abroad.

If you have an e-SIM in your phone, then you just have to buy the plan of whatever country you are in. You can activate your plan with the help of just a QR code. Like activating the plan in your country

3. International plans of telecom companies are of different rates. Some are expensive and some are cheap. In such a situation, if you are planning to travel abroad, then it is not practical to change the telecom company just for a cheap plan.

Because companies know that you have less options, then they take advantage of it and make expensive plans. The rate of the plan varies from country to country. If you are planning to travel abroad then choosing e-SIM can prove to be the best option. With its help, you can enjoy the facilities at the local rate.

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