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Are we independent?

While preparing ourselves to bid farewell to our 62nd year of independence & welcoming a fresh 63rd year of independence, one question must have perturbed each & every Indian citizen that – Are we really independent after a long 62 years of our country got the very independence? Feels yes; we are independent; but thrills to know that we are still dependent. Our country, as a whole got independence & liberated to a sovereign, secular & democratic republic, but we are still slave of religious fanaticism, undemocratic showbiz, monotonous unaccountable protrayism.

English people left our country giving us many dimensions to improve our life & comfort but also showered many seeds of hatred, partisanism, factionalism & techniques of infighting. Unfortunately instead of wiping out these evils, we have been successfully able to multiply it in geometric progression. Another novel thing that we have developed in house- which the entire world should learn from us is – The Great Indian corruptions, scandals. Till yet perhaps very few politicians, bureaucrats, high, medium & low end officials are untouched with this; highly infectious diseases still very few have been penalized for this.

With all these perils, can we as Indians, boost up that we are independent! On top of this in the name of independency & democracy, we have become more autocratic, undemocratic, selfish & self-centered. There are innumerable exploring, negative- examples available right from the declaration of emergency during the time of Indira Gandhi to CBI net of Buta Singh, bribery case of Banguru Laxman to fraud of Ramalingam Raju. Really uncountable, if we count the cases since our independence.

So, let us accept in true spirit that though the country achieved the customary independence, we still need to work vigorously  on our systyem mindset, administration & social structure to triumph upon the independence. We have to come out from the coveted coverings and see the present world in a different perspective of peace, prosperity, co-operation, unity, no-corruption & able administration with accountability. Sooner it happens, better is our independence. Otherwise by garlanding the so called show piece of independence, we can definitely increase our  own self to maxima, but the  country will go down to the planet & cry loud  only  to tell us it would have been better if we were ironed with dependency.

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