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Are Maruti cars really safe? Airbag did not open in accident, ‘question’ on safety

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Road accident exposed, airbag did not open in Maruti carImage Credit source: Maruti Suzuki

There are many reports of recalls of cars due to defects in the vehicles. Suppose, what if Airbag, the most important feature available in the car for the safety of the customers, does not open at the right time? A similar case has come to light in Kerala, Maruti Suzuki sold the car to the customer but the airbag given in the name of safety did not open at the time of a road accident, after which Maruti Suzuki has been reprimanded by the Consumer Commission.

Malappuram District Consumer Commission has ordered the company to immediately return the entire amount of the vehicle to the customer. Of course the money will be returned but the question here is not about money but about the safety of the customers. Some vehicles of Maruti Suzuki have got 0 star rating and some models have got 1 star rating in GNCAP crash test, yet this case of airbag not opening is raising many questions on the safety of the company and the customers.

One thing is clear from this that no concrete steps are being taken for safety. On June 30, 2021, a person living in Kerala met with an accident and the car driver suffered serious injuries due to the airbag not opening. When the vehicle was examined after the road accident, it was found that it was due to a defect during manufacturing. The airbag system did not work.

Now this much money will have to be returned

The Consumer Commission has ordered Maruti Suzuki to pay the full price of Rs 4,35,854 to the customers along with additional expenses of Rs 20,000. The customers will get the money sooner or later but question marks are being raised regarding the safety of Maruti vehicles.


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