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Are Aliens-UFOs real? Shocking information given by Pentagon, see details

New Delhi: UFO: Aliens, spaceships and UFOs are some words that everyone wants to know about. Tales from space and aliens are as interesting as they are confusing. Not long ago, a US government report stated that by 2004, there had been 140 cases of alien spaceship sightings. At the same time, the Pentagon has shocked the whole world by making a big statement that aliens have never visited Earth.

The Pentagon is the name of the United States Department of Defense, which houses the entire US security agency. On the issue of aliens and UFOs, the Pentagon has said that to date they have not received any evidence of any spacecraft coming from space. According to the statement, no UFO landed or crashed anywhere. That is, no life or animal living on other planets has come to earth.

The Pentagon has been investigating alien and UFO related incidents for a long time and is looking for evidence related to UFOs. But, now in his statement he has clearly stated that he has not found any evidence of alien spaceships, landings and takeoffs on Earth or sea. According to the Pentagon, there is no evidence that could prove a connection between intelligent alien life and Earth.

Is the government hiding evidence related to aliens?

The Pentagon’s assertion that aliens have never visited Earth has disappointed scientists and people who study space and aliens around the world. Kirkpatrick, director of the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, created within the Pentagon, called it a mistake. They argue that extraterrestrial life may exist on Earth and that it should be discovered scientifically.

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