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Arctic Freezer 35 family now includes four varieties of one CPU cooler

Arctic, a company specializing in cooling systems and components for PCs, has expanded the Freezer 35 processor cooler family. Now it includes four versions of the single-tower model, identical in design. Each of them is offered in a variant for AMD processors and in a variant for Intel processors, which is reflected in the name.

The compact size ensures good compatibility with RAM modules, and four heatpipes in direct contact with the processor cover ensure fast heat transfer to the heatsink, on which the 120mm fan is mounted. The fan speed is controlled by PWM.

So, in the family there are Freezer A35 and i35 coolers, Freezer A35 RGB and i35 RGB coolers that differ from them in illumination, previously introduced Freezer A35 A-RGB and i35 A-RGB addressable backlit coolers, as well as the Freezer A35 CO and i35 CO coolers designed for continuous operation (they use fans with double ball bearings).

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Illuminated fans are decorated with 12 LEDs. The rotation speed of such a fan is adjustable in the range of 200-1700 rpm. Fans without illumination rotate at a speed of 200-1800 rpm.

The manufacturer notes an improved mounting system with spring-loaded screws that provides optimal clamping force and uniform distribution of thermal paste. AMD processor options are compatible with AM4 socket, Intel processor options are compatible with LGA 115x, 1200, and 1700 sockets.

Freezer A35 cooler costs 37 euros, i35 – 38 euros, A35 RGB – 42 euros, i35 RGB – 43 euros, A35 A-RGB – 43 euros, i35 A-RGB – 45 euros, A35 CO 35 euros, and i35 CO – 38 euros euros.


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