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Apple’s big decision, the new iPhone to be launched with a USB-C port, will bring relief to users

New Delhi: Apple iPhone Charger: There are signs that iPhone users are about to get a big relief. After a long protest, Apple has finally adopted a USB-C charging port. Apple has said that the upcoming iPhones will come with a Type-C port. In that case, the iPhone 15 or 16 series is expected to be offered with a Type-C charging port. Greg Joswick, Apple’s marketing head, gave this information at a press conference. Let’s know in detail.

USB-C port in iPhones sold in all countries:

Asked about Apple’s plan to switch to USB-C for the iPhone, Joswiak said, “We have to comply, we have no choice.” One thing to note here is that the European Union has mandated all devices to have Type-C ports from 2024 onwards. Josvik also said that iPhones sold not only in EU countries, but all over the world will have USB-C ports. In such a situation, Apple will not have to make major changes for the Indian market. Because, Indian government is also thinking of common charger.

Currently, Apple’s iPhones and iPads come with a Lightning port, which is Apple’s exclusive port. No other company except Apple uses this charging port. A Type-C port was expected with the recently launched iPhone 14 series. But, it didn’t happen.

The charger needs to be taken separately:

One thing to note is that if you buy an iPhone now, you have to buy its charger separately. The case of separate chargers also reached the courts in several countries. Where Apple was also fined for forcing it to buy chargers separately.

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