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Apple will not use Chinese memory chips for iPhone

American smartphone and tech company Apple will not use the memory chips of Chinese firm YMTC for its iPhone. Apple has taken this decision after the implementation of strict US export rules against Chinese technology companies. Apple planned to start using MTC’s NAND flash memory chips this year.

Reuters quoted the Nikkei report Told It is reported that Apple was preparing to purchase about 40 percent of the memory chips needed for all its iPhone models from YMTC. The US last week added YMTC and 30 other Chinese firms to a list of companies that US officials cannot investigate. This has increased the tension between the US and China. YMTC is also being investigated by the US Commerce Department to determine whether the firm violated US export rules by selling memory chips to China’s blacklisted telecommunications company Huawei.

The US government has tightened export rules to block China’s access to advanced technology. This includes stopping China from supplying special chips made in any country from American equipment. Reuters has not received a response from Apple, while YMTC declined to comment.

Apple has launched some models of its new iPhone 14 series in India. manufacturing The launch was announced last month. This is being seen as part of the company’s plan to reduce manufacturing in China. Due to the increasing tension between the US and China, many American companies are changing their strategy regarding business in China. The assembly of iPhone 14 series smartphones for the Indian market has begun at Foxconn’s plant near Chennai, which is contract manufacturing for Apple. Last week it was reported that Apple has decided to make some production of AirPods and Beats headphones in India for the first time. iPhone exports from India have crossed $1 billion since April. This is a sign of India becoming a major force in electronics manufacturing.

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