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Apple will give Rs 76 thousand to the iphone user, the charger was not given with the phone

Not providing a power adapter in the retail box of the iPhone is costing Apple ‘expensive’, especially in Brazil. In the year 2020, the company announced for the first time that it would not provide a power adapter with its iPhone 12. The Brazilian government found this move of Apple insulting. According to media reports, Apple was fined $2 million last year for this attempt. Now in a new case, a Brazilian judge has ordered the company to pay 5,000 Brazilian riyals, or $1,081 (roughly Rs.

insider’s Report Court documents cited in the U.S. state that a civil court judge in the city of Goiânia, Vanderle Cares Pinheiro, referred to this practice as a ‘tie sale’, or a situation in which a customer has to buy two of the company’s products, so that one be able to work

The judge said Apple forced the customer to buy another product from its exclusive manufacturer. The judge has also termed this practice as abusive and illegal commercial practice.

At the same time, Apple in its defense said that every iPhone comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable. The company said that with the help of this cable, the power adapter of other companies also charges the phone. However, the judge rejected the company’s argument. The judge also noted the company’s observation that Apple has stopped providing power adapters due to environmental concerns and lack of supplies for the accessory. To this, Judge Vanderle Caress Pinheiro said that Apple is still manufacturing its own power adapters and selling them separately.

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The judge said that such an attempt to reduce the impact on the environment is not justified. He said the company is manufacturing a key accessory and selling it separately. As we told you, the company iPhone 12 Power adapter with had stopped supplying. The Brazilian government is not telling this move of Apple right. He was fined last year as well. Under the new order, Apple will have to pay one thousand dollars to a customer. The company is yet to respond to the court’s decision.


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