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Apple Watch saved the life of an Indian person, special feature came to work; See details

New Delhi: Apple Watch Has many powerful features. Consumers buy this watch even if the price is higher due to these features. These features have saved many lives so far. Now a similar incident has come to light. According to reports, Apple A 34-year-old man from Haryana has been saved due to a feature of Watch. ECG The feature saved the life of this person. According to reports, on March 12, Nitesh Chopra was suffering from chest pain. The device alerted them when they monitored the ECG with the help of Apple Watch. His wife rushed him to the hospital.

Doctor’s readings in the hospital were similar to those of the Apple Watch. The doctor performed emergency angiography the same day. It was found that the main coronary artery was completely blocked, leading to the possibility of cardiac arrest. According to reports, the doctors treated him immediately and saved his life. Nitesh said he had earlier ignored the readings. Because, they thought nothing could happen at this age. However, as the frequent readings were similar, he realized that it was important to consult a doctor about heart health.

He blamed Apple for the incident CEO Tim Cook Has also provided information. His wife Neha wrote, “We went to the hospital on time because of your technology.” My husband is fine now. Thank you for that. Tim Cook has also responded to this letter. He said he was happy to receive timely medical treatment. Also, thanks for reporting this incident. Meanwhile, the ECG app records the heartbeat using the electrical heart sensor in the Apple Watch. This feature of Apple Watch has already saved the lives of many.


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