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Apple Watch gives pregnancy information, woman claims – hints before medical test


Apple Watch has helped a woman detect her pregnancy.
The woman told that before the pregnancy test, Apple Watch indicated to her that she was pregnant.
The watch was showing the woman’s heart rate increasing for 15 days.

New Delhi. Apple is famous all over the world not only for its devices but also for the features found in them. This is the reason that along with the iPhone, now the Apple Watch is also becoming popular among the people. The company is offering many great features in the watch. One such feature is being available in the watch, which detects the pregnancy of women. These days, this feature of the watch has also made a lot of headlines.

According to a report, the watch has helped a woman in detecting her pregnancy. The woman herself gave this information through a Reddit post. The woman told in her post that before the pregnancy test, the Apple Watch indicated that she was pregnant.

Heart rate was increasing
The woman said in her post that for the last few days her heart rate was seen increasing on Apple Watch. The increased heart rate made him suspect that something was wrong. The woman told that usually her heart rate is 57, but from the last few days it had increased to 72. The woman told that the watch was showing her heart rate increasing for the last 15 days. When his heart rate started showing increased continuously for 15 days, he felt that he was corona infected. Due to this he got the corona test done. However, the result was negative when the test was conducted.

woman did pregnancy test
After this, the woman tried to know the reason for increasing her heart rate through online articles. After reading the articles, she came to know that the heart rate of women also increases due to pregnancy. After this the woman got her pregnancy test done. After the test it was found that she is pregnant.

Launched in September
Let us tell you that Apple launched Apple Watch Series 8 on 7 September last month. Its starting price in India is Rs 45,900. It has an ECG sensor and A-Fib detection. Apart from this, the temperature sensor has also been given in the watch, which focuses on the health of women.

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