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Apple was fined for selling iPhone without charger, court fined


A Brazilian court has fined Apple $ 20 million (20 million).
This fine has been imposed by the company for not providing the charger with the iPhone.
Earlier, the Ministry of Justice of Brazil had also fined Apple on the same issue.

New Delhi. A Brazilian judge on Thursday fined Cupertino-based Apple $20 million for selling iPhones without a charger. Also, the court termed the move of not providing the charger with the iPhone as an abusive practice. The court said that this practice compels customers to buy an additional product. According to reports, the company will appeal against the court’s decision. The company says it wants to help reduce electronics waste. That’s why she is not giving the charger.

It is worth noting that recently Brazil’s Justice Ministry imposed a separate fine of about $ 2.5 million on Apple on the same issue and barred the US tech giant from selling its iPhone 12 and 13 models without a charger. The ministry had said that by not giving a charger in the box, Apple is providing incomplete products to the customers.

Company wants to reduce electronics waste
It is noteworthy that Apple stopped providing chargers with the new iPhones in October 2020. The company says it wants to help reduce electronics waste. The company argued that customers can use their old charger with the cable provided in the box. However, Apple is optionally selling a separate charger, which customers can buy through various online and offline stores.

Apple’s troubles are increasing
Francisco has ordered the California-based company to supply chargers to all customers in Brazil who have purchased iPhone models 12 or 13 in the past two years. Also, the company has been asked to include the charger with the new purchase. Apple is facing difficulties due to non-delivery of chargers in many countries.

law passed in european parliament
Last week, the European Parliament passed a law requiring all smartphones, tablets and cameras to use USB-C ports as a single charger standard from the end of 2024, forcing Apple to change its phone designs.

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